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K2 Tower

K2 Tower

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Introducing our K2 Tower, a remarkable piece of natural artistry that takes you on a journey to the remote, rugged peaks of the Karakoram Range, where this unique stone is sourced. The K2 Tower is meticulously crafted from K2 granite, a captivating blend of blue azurite orbs set within a field of white granite. Like a snapshot of the Himalayan wilderness, this tower showcases the serene beauty of nature's contrast. Its polished surface reflects the grandeur of the world's second-highest mountain, evoking a sense of adventure and awe. Whether displayed as a symbol of exploration, a meditation focal point, or a collector's gem, the K2 Tower elevates any space with its harmonious fusion of earthy elegance and mountainous mystique. Embrace the grounding energies and timeless aesthetics of this rare gem, a tribute to the rugged beauty of the natural world. Illuminate your environment with the inspiring allure of the K2 Tower, a true testament to the Earth's majestic grandeur.

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H: 7.00in

W: 1.50in 
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